Custom Order


Where are you located?
    N Jen is located in Katy, Texas.  Jen prefers to meet clients at one of the Ooh La La Dessert Boutique locations.
    Stores are located at (A): 23920 Westheimer Parkway, Katy TX 77494
                                          (B): 20155 Park Row, Katy TX 77449

What are your hours?
     Monday-Friday 9am-8pm
     Saturday 9am-9pm
     Sunday Noon-5pm

How much do your products cost?
     Hot and cold packs are $6 for a pair of small or $13 for a large.
     Pillows and totes start at $26.
     Our standard 15" 3x4 panel memory blanket starts at $237, and is our most frequently ordered size.

Do you only do custom orders?
No.  Our "Collections" page shows inventory we currently have for purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?

     N Jen accepts cash and credit on immediate sales from inventory.  On custom orders, we accept cash, check           or credit for the non-refundable deposit.  However, only cash or credit is accepted on the balance at delivery.

How long will my custom order take?
     Once you contract and place a non-refundable deposit, your project will be added to our schedule and a                   promise date given.  Approximate process times are 1-2 weeks for pillows, 3 weeks for totes, and 5 weeks for         the standard size memory blanket.

How many shirts do I need?

    As few as 1 for a pillow, 2 for a tote, and 12 for our standard 15" 3x4 memory blanket.  Feel free to provide              more than you expect to be used in your order to allow for more options in layout design.

Why do you say that the items start at a certain price?

    Each blanket is unique.  There are options that incur additional charges such as our specialty border pieces,          varied size panels, sashing and additional inventory shirts.

How much input can I have?

    A mock-up and color scheme will be created using requests you make and will be emailed to you for review            and approval.  Changes to the design can be made, but will impact the promised date if not approved within 3      days by email.

Do you ship?

    Yes.  N Jen ships via UPS.

N Jen